French toast itself is pretty boring. Which makes it the perfect blank canvas where to place a wide array of toppings. As soon as you learn the art of how you can make French toast, you will have to pick the ideal combination of toppings to make certain your recipe truly shines. It’s the combination you select that would set your recipe besides others. In no particular order are our favorite French toast toppings.

Maple Syrup

Lets begin with the a classic. Maple syrup is the traditional topping for French toast. Why, as it’s sweet and smoothly covers up the toast so that you have a bit in each bite. For additional taste, fairly heat up the syrup before preparing.


Up there along with syrup being a must have conventional topping is butter. Toast suggests to be buttered, and the French variety is no different. Place it on once the toast is warm so that the butter melts over, as well as seeps into the bread.

Powdered Sugar

Rounding out the trifecta of conventional French toast toppings, we give you powdered sugar, also known as confectioners sugar. This perfectly ground sugar is perfect because it’s not as sweet as regular sugar, as well as gives an appealing white dusting to the meal.

Fresh Berries

A great healthy addition in your egg dipped breakfast are fresh berries. We favor strawberries, but you can likewise try raspberries or blueberries. For the greatest treat, try all of the above!

Sliced up Banana

Yet another excellent fruit to try on your own French toast are bananas. They add more sweet taste to the food this means you could get away with less syrup as well as powdered sugar if you’re watching your sugar consumption.


Jam, or jelly, of any kind of variety is a simple way to give your recipe a lift. Using various flavours from black currant to raspberry to apricot an excellent jam or jelly will infuse sweet fruit flavors into your French toast.

Whipped Cream

To add a little extra sweetness to your French toast, give a dolop of whipped cream. This small add-on will not only make your morning meal feel a lot more like dessert, but it will also make it look more inviting.

Almond Slices

Start adding some crunch in your morning meal along with a dash of almond cuts atop your breakfast. Almonds really are a healthy means to create your very same French toast recipes more interesting.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This is the greatest in scrumptious toppings. Take your French toast to a new level with a few ice cream topping. We recommend vanilla flavor as it doesn’t overpower any other flavors within the meal, instead providing just a small amount of sweetness.

Cinnamon Apple

To take your toppings to the next level, execute this warm cinnamon-apple topping. Simply combine a few peeled slices of apples along with butter, cinnamon as well as brown sugar and heat up on the stove right up until warm. This topping treat is ideal for those chilly winter mornings.

How you make French toast all hangs on your preference. There are many approaches to take pleasure in French toast. Try these topping to add fun as well as variety to your morning meal. Once you’ve tried them all, think about your very own topping ideas and let us know whatever you formulate!

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