While travelling in Indonesia I was lucky enough to be able to sample the world’s rarest coffee!! Here’s my report on it. [I:http://www.cg286.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/JonnyBlair40.jpg]

Where can you buy or find the world’s rarest coffee? Read on and I’ll tell you and it’s for real – not one of these fake statements that cities like Singapore use to say they have the world’s best, the world’s biggest etc. This one really is the rarest coffee in the world!!

First things up – it comes from Indonesia. I found it while doing a tour of a coffee plantation in Bali – the coffee plantation is near to lots of rice fields in a hilly area called Munduk. On the coffee tour we came across an odd looking creature called a Luwak Fox. This was housed in a cage and to be honest looked like a scary, bizarre mix between a cat, fox, dog and wolf!! Why am I telling you about a fox? Because this fox requires red coffee beans to survive and it’s a rare breed…

The oddest and most disturbing fact of this is that the Luwak Fox digests the coffee bean and it comes back out in its excretion (yes, it’s sh1t!) and this is how they made the world’s rarest coffee. It’s coffee which has been digested and excreted by the Luwak Fox. When our guide told us this, I really didn’t believe it, but reports later on confirmed it. So we had to try it. The name, obviously is Luwak Coffee. [I:http://www.cg286.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/JonnyBlair41.jpg]

We noticed a bonus option was to try an alcoholic version of it – so we did – they added a drop of booze into our Luwak Coffee!

The Luwak coffee can be tried all over Bali and Indonesia, and of course is also exported. We went to a cafe called Kubu Kopi but there are a few around. Your driver will more than likely take you to a coffee plantation if you do a day tour of northern Bali. It’s not touristy to try the Luwak coffee – so if you want to try it – make sure he takes you there. It’sin Munduk, so another option is to stay in Munduk itself.

A menu arrives complete with a picture of the Luwak Fox in behind, just to tempt you even more. The special Luwak Coffee costs 85,000 Indonesian Rupiah (which today is about $8.2 US Dollars) so actually not as bad as you’d think considering it’s the world’s rarest. So after all that fuss, was the world’s rarest coffee any good? Yes! We both loved the Luwak Coffee and would recommend it, plus it comes in an exquisite wooden cup and saucer and you can sip away with an amazing view into the fields of Bali. With not a care in the world… [I:http://www.cg286.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/JonnyBlair42.jpg]

It’s coffee time for me now – will have to go for a more normal one this time! Happy travels! [I:http://www.cg286.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/JonnyBlair43.jpg]

Where to buy the world’s rarest coffee? – Munduk, Bali, INDONESIA (it’s also exported)

What is the world’s rarest coffee? – Luwak Coffee

How much will it cost you? – Less than 10 US Dollars (mine was around 8USD)

What’s it made of – to be blunt it’s the poo poo from the Luwak Fox (which has eaten red coffee beans!)

Is it worth trying? – Seriously of course it is – you can waste 8US Dollars on a lot worse!!

To learn more about amazing cafe journeys and cafe in East Timor check out the travelling Indonesia part of Don’t Stop Living travel website.

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  1. aadita rani
    15:38 on May 6th, 2016

    great research on coffee, and it is informative
    thank you…

  2. aadita rani
    15:38 on May 6th, 2016

    great research on coffee, and it is informative
    thank you…

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